Thursday night, May 20th, Aquarium Drunkard presents Jacuzzi Boys with Wounded Lion at Five Star Bars in downtown L.A. We’re giving away several pairs of tickets for the show. Wanna chance to go? Hit up the comments and leave your name and email address. Winners will be notified with tickets held at will-call. High five to Crista for making this happen.  18+ — 267 S. Main Street LA, CA 90012

MP3: Jacuzzi Boys :: Island Avenue

+ Download Jacuzzi Boys via eMusic’s 35 free MP3 no risk trial offer

20 Responses to “AD Presents :: Jacuzzi Boys @ Five Star Bars, Thursday May 20th”

  1. what is that poster from? classic.

  2. so happy you’ve booked these guys!
    been listening to them for a few months now and their music is well worthy of being spread to the masses.

    wish i could attend, but i’m afraid i cannot.
    but i hope all goes well!


  3. keep hearin’ about them.. love this chance! thanks.

  4. I think I just found the opening track for this week’s mixtape.. thanks for that

  5. Love the band, love the site, thanks for the five-star shot!

  6. floridaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Sure wish I was back in L.A, I would love to go and see these guys play.

  8. nice band + new venue = well done

  9. Looking forward to this show! Enter me for the sweepstakes, please!

  10. I’ve been hearing about them lately too. Sounds like a great venue as well. I would love to see them there.

  11. I’d love some tix. What time does the show start? Going to be in the neighborhood that night anyway.

    These guys kick ass. Harlem meets Agent Orange.

  12. Too many shows, and hardly enough cash!! What to do? What to do?

    Got any tix to spare?

  13. Perfect Dodgers postgame, love a ticket if possible…

  14. I would love some tickets from one of my favorite music blogs!

  15. Ill have to dig out a nice cosby sweater for this show…

  16. that would be great

  17. you needa give those tickets to this floridian right, HHHERERER!

  18. Give me all your tickets.

  19. Just heard about both the contest and the band from your XMU radio show. Jacuzzi Boys sounded great, would love to hear more!

  20. seasons come and seasons fall,i ain’t got no tickets at all!

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