Awhile back the folks at Soul Generation started up a side blog dedicated to a rambling genre hybrid that can only be described as “titty shakers,” entitled (of course) From their manifesto: “The roots of tittyshaker can be traced back to ’50s America where in major cities ,through to backwater shacks and pit-stop bars, the jukebox would be wailing out sleazy, lo-down and dirty rock n’ roll or equally gritty Jazz music to provide the rhythm for a neighbourhood girl to get up on stage to entertain the locals by performing a striptease.” Sounds like a party.

For fans of the weird/obscure, the blog, self-described as “home of the sleazy sound – vintage rock’n’roll instrumentals, grinding rhythm’n’blues, surf and trashy culture,” is a consistently rewarding read/listen. The below, “Crawlin’ (The Crawl),” is a nugget I copped from the site that’s been on serious rotation  of late. Highly recc’d. More here.

MP3: Untouchables :: Crawlin’ (The Crawl)

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5 Responses to “Untouchables :: Crawlin’ (The Crawl)”

  1. nice. i can dig it.

  2. daaaamn

  3. What a site. Fantastic stuff.

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  5. […] to recreate these Jukejoints in their own musical library. When I first read about Tittyshakers on Aquarium Drunkard, I gathered all the tracks from the first of the three Jukejoints, Crawlin’, and put them […]

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