Sevens :: Red House Painters/Cruiser

Languid like LA at dusk, “Cruiser,” off the Red House Painters Old Ramon, is simultaneously both a paean to the city of Los Angeles and the narrator’s romantic love interest. Ever the storyteller, Mark Kozelek’s lyrics, consistently evocative, work on multiple levels painting a picture of both a relationship and mash note to LA, which, like a lot of things in the Kozelek lyrical universe, is left open ended. An album cornerstone.

In other Kozelek news, Sun Kil Moon is set to release their third LP, Admiral Fell Promises, on July 13th. Those who purchase the LP directly through Kozelek’s Caldo Verde Records will also receive a four song Sun Kil Moon EP featuring several covers including Stereolab and The Jackson 5.   As the Kozelek cover treatment is, at the very least, always interesting, I’m particularly curious to see what he does with the J5.

MP3: Red House Painters :: Cruiser

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the new Sun Kil Moon album. Australian Winter is amazing!

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