Lately, while driving around L.A., I’ve been listening to the final compilation Fat Possum released in their Not The Same Old Blues Crap series (volume 3). In contrast to the previous entries, which focused strictly on Blues, Volume 3 introduced the non-Blues direction the label was moving in. Amongst others on the comp were Thee Shams, a garage band from Cincinnati who later morphed into the Buffalo Killers. I lost track of the band after Please Yourself, their Fat Possum release, but always dug their take on “Get Out of My Life Woman” (off their debut).

All in all I probably have 15-20 various covers of this track. One word: Toussaint.

MP3: Thee Shams :: Get Out Of My Life Woman
MP3: Allen Toussaint :: Get Out Of My Life Woman

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5 Responses to “Thee Shams :: Get Out Of My Life Woman”

  1. wonder if the band THE SIGHTS are poised to come back. i forgot about this record. dudes used to hang with the greenhorne boys

  2. My favorite version of the song has to be the Jimi Hendrix version. I think it’s “Live At George’s Club”–great booming bass and reverby guitars.

  3. Thee Shams was a really good band, and a good live act. They’re take on Dylan’s “If You Gotta Go, Go Now” (on 2004’s Please Yourself) is a must-hear.

  4. sweeet!

  5. Love this version, btw if you haven’t heard it check out the The Mad Lads cover of ‘Get Out’ too which is here :

    you may have to dig because theres like a thousand covers of them on that page

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