Not unlike the jams Sharon Jones has been laying down with the Dap Kings, Milwaukee’s Kings Go Forth are yet another solid notch in the belt of the ever-increasing ’00s soul revival. Contrary to what some might lead you to believe, this genre/style of music never “went away,” yet operated sub rosa in light of the slick sheen that became the dominant vein of mainstream R&B. Not unlike what has happened to “real” country music, one only needs to know where to dig.

Stirring what can now be described as the classic soul and R&B pot, The Outsiders Are Back, at 10 songs clocking in at 43 minutes, delivers a solid, at times seriously funky, set of soul groovers. Has this sound been done before? Yes, of course. But if you’re still interested in living/breathing, scratch that, performing musicians then this is a welcome lot. Those prone to overthink this stuff are clearly missing the point entirely. It’s almost summer — just press play and get down.

MP3: Kings Go Forth :: Now We’re Gone

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  1. Also GREAT cover by the one and only MINGERIN’ MIKE!!

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