The A-Bones :: Mum’s The Word (I Was A Teenage Mummy)

Those who have clerked in a record store (which, over the past decade, I can only assume is a dwindling number), can attest to extremely varied amount of divergent music they were turned onto via enthusiastic co-workers. The good, the bad and the ugly. I was twenty when I landed the gig and that’s where I got my first real taste of Sonny Rollins, the JBs, Smoke and the Rock*A*Teens. It is also where I learned about the sleaze…the trash rock — the A-Bones. In 2010 the band is probably more well known as the home of Norton Records‘ founders, but in hindsight they preempted numerous garage rock ‘revivals’ but a couple of decades.

I was just reminded of this piece of the bizarre. In the early ’90s the A-Bones composed the soundtrack to I Was A Teenage Mummy“Mum’s The Word” kicked it off. A tribute to delinquent teenage rock & roll.

MP3: The A-Bones :: Mum’s The Word

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3 thoughts on “The A-Bones :: Mum’s The Word (I Was A Teenage Mummy)

  1. Seeing the A-Bones live was one of the best musical experiences of my life. Their records rarely captured the intensity and charisma of the live show. My favorite is their first EP, Free Beer for Life. That is, unless you count some of the 7″s they did (the absolute best being their collaboration with Johnny Powers on “New Spark” / “Mama Rock”) which were collected in their 2CD Daddy Wants a Cold Beer comp… Very worth exploring.

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