It happened in Tennessee. I met Shangri-La Projects’ Sherman Wilmott in the spring of 2008 while renting an apartment in midtown Memphis. I was in the middle of working on a book documenting Memphis and the Delta blues trail. To say that Wilmott provided a wealth of information regarding local color would be an understatement. Those that know Memphis music know Sherman. In addition to founding Shangri-La Records in the early 90s, Wilmott has written books, published Kreature Komforts: the Low-life Guide to Memphis, curated compilations and produced documentaries—all surrounding the Bluff city and her music.

Wilmott is my guest this week during the second hour of the AD show. Be sure to tune in, as riding shotgun is Doug Easley of Memphis’s Easley McCain Studios. I guarantee you own more than a couple albums that were cut at his studio.

After the jump: Shangri-La Projects, Memphis – A Mixtape


Download: AD Presents :: Shangri-La Projects, Memphis, TN – A Mixtape (zipped folder 69MB)

(should you have an issue unpacking track 3, here it is:

Side A:
Wayne Jackson – It Happened in Tennessee, part 2
Harlan T. Bobo – Sweet Life
Viva L’American Death Ray – Certain
Mouserocket – Set on You
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Which Way to Go
The Saints – Know Your Product
Strapping Fieldhands – Battle Down the ¼ Mile
68 Comeback – Paperboy Blues

Side B:
Magnolia Electric Co. – Whip Poor Will
Big Star – Daisy Glaze
Good Luck Dark Star – Sorry Now
Good Luck Dark Star – Last Hurrah
New Mary Jane – Micro Gore
Pain Teens – Dog Spirits
Adam Franklin – Sundown
Grundies – You Look Good

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16 Responses to “AD Presents :: Shangri-La Projects, Memphis, TN – A Mixtape”

  1. Track 3 always fails when trying to extract. Could you do another repack?

  2. @spencer – here u go – track 3:

  3. Many thanks, @Satisfied ’75.

  4. please make new zip file, I only can unzip tracks 1 – 3. Error message pops up and it won’t unzip anything after that.

  5. why is this one of the few blogs that use zip files? Oh well, AD is my favorite.

  6. Tracks are all there, downloads and plays appropriately.

  7. got it, thanks!

  8. […] Sherman Wilmott, from Shangri-La Projects, is my guest today during the second hour of the show. You can grab the mixtape here. […]

  9. WOW!! Super-rad!!

    (Also I <3 zipfiles)

  10. […] I surely recommended inspecting the whole of the Shangri-La mixtape, I do want to highlight one track in particular: Wayne Jackson’s “It Happened In […]

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  12. I love you AD!

  13. Thanks for sharing some of the incredible music that comes out of that city! Harlan T is wonderful and great live

  14. thanks again

  15. dang dude, this is hot. can’t believe i just picked it up. (also: i had no idea the saints were from memphis. huh.)

  16. I just don’t like dogs, I don’t even like the spirit of a dog

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