In terms of recent releases that fall under the rock & roll, the two that have most monopolized my listening habits this Spring are the Black Keys Brothers and Hacienda’s, sophomore LP, Big Red & Barbacoa. Coincidentally (or not) there’s a bit of symmetry here—a common link. The album’s production, like Hacienda’s debut, Loud Is the Night, was helmed by the Keys’ Dan Auerbach (Hacienda also served as his backing band, on tour, in support of his 2009 solo record). Once again Auerbach’s no frills approach and aesthetic works perfectly here complementing the sound rather than augmenting it.

From the get-go Hacienda’s Barbacoa sets the table with a big slice of south Tejas soul—an album that would surely make fellow Texan Doug Sahm proud. Over the course of the past two albums the band have found a sweet spot, digging their heels into sixties and seventies rock and soul, without falling prey to the kinds of retro-pastiche traps often associated with such. Make no mistake–this is a band in the here and now.

The San Antonio band is presently gearing up for a summer tour.  Check them out live and listen below to “Apples,” off the new LP, for a taste of what I’m talking about.

MP3: Hacienda :: Apples

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3 Responses to “Hacienda :: Big Red & Barbacoa”

  1. The first album was solid, i’m surprised they haven’t garnered more blog buzz yet

  2. Here the cd skipping noise used as rhythm nice job Dan!

  3. Great disc.

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