Tape Deck Mountain :: Aquarium Drunkard Session/Atlas Sound

Tape Deck Mountain laid down an Aquarium Drunkard session that I will be spinning on the show Friday. AD readers get a sneak peak download, below. In addition to the Summer vibe running throughout, the group also covers Atlas Sound’s Criminals.” In short, this session is what we call a win-win.

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered at Keith Milgaten’s Cabin in Golden Hill. Session begins with Travis live on acoustic guitar and vocals. The following day he, Paul, Jordan and Keith went to town adding multi-textured overdubs. Photo credit: Charles Bergquist

MP3: Tape Deck Mountain :: Bat Lies Tropical
MP3: Tape Deck Mountain :: Scantrons
MP3: Tape Deck Mountain :: Criminals (Atlas Sound cover)

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2 thoughts on “Tape Deck Mountain :: Aquarium Drunkard Session/Atlas Sound

  1. Takedeckmountain – Criminals

    with glasses of gin on ice and an agreeable fungus – this song gives me the feeling of traffic merging properly.

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