The tree that was the Velvet Underground has borne all manner of strange fruit since its inception and Hackamore Brick’s One Kiss Leads To Another, from 1971, may very well have been the first of its direct descendants. Brooklyn based, the band predates both Modern Lovers and Television’s VU fascinations with vocal turns clearly indebted to Lou Reed. But, like the aforementioned Lovers and Television, Hackamore Brick were not merely aping the Velvet’s but citing their influence with the same reverence as their contemporaries might have Howlin’ Wolf or Pete Seeger.

MP3: Hackamore Brick’s :: Oh! Those Sweet Bananas

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3 Responses to “Hackamore Brick :: One Kiss Leads To Another”

  1. klassic.

  2. This is great. Thanks. I am chagrined that I was only vaguely aware of them at the time, and never heard this record.

  3. yeah, I’d say this is the earliest VU influence I’ve heard – Except for the first Can album, which precedes this by a year or so.

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