Lord Huron is the L.A. based recording nom de tune of Benji Schneider.  More aligned with the pastoral folk of Heron and Pentangle than the canyon fuzz of Laurel, Huron’s three track EP is a very welcome addition to soundtrack the balmy Angeles nights ahead. Look for live dates soon.

MP3: Lord Huron :: The Problem With Your Daughter

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8 Responses to “Lord Huron”

  1. sounds just like fleet foxes

  2. Cool artwork to go along with it.

  3. @john sebastian
    Exactly what I thought.

  4. Very nice! thanks for the links..

  5. wonderful EP

  6. Thank you for the showcase.

  7. This EP seems to evolve each time I listen to it. Absolutely love it. And I agree with the Fleet Foxes comments, but I would throw in the guiding hand of Paul Simon during his world music craze. We recently spoke with Ben about the EP and the band:


    Thanks! Aquarium Drunkard is a really fantastic blog.

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