Ron Davies :: Silent Song Through The Land (1970)

Ron Davies “It Ain’t Easy” — accept no substitutes.   Often covered, but never topped. Kicking off Davies 1970 LP Silent Song Through The Land, the track, aided and abetted by Leon Russell, begins the mysterious, and brief, career of the, then, twenty year old Davis. The A&M Records’ Silent Song Through The Land, and it’s follow up U.F.O., are   back in print via limited edition Japanese pressings featuring the original tracks packaged in a paper sleeve.

MP3: Ron Davies :: It Ain’t Easy (vinyl rip @320)

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6 thoughts on “Ron Davies :: Silent Song Through The Land (1970)

  1. yeah, such a fine album. always thought neil was paying homage to this gem with the cover photo of ‘old ways.’

  2. Any idea where I can find Ron Davies records? They were available as imports some time ago, but now seem to be out of print.

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