That hair…those suits. Freely giving fashion tips to Elvis (yes, you can applaud/blame Wayne for the whole jumpsuit/cape era) perhaps Cochran really was the White Knight of Soul.  And even if he wasn’t, he came damn close as this collection (at 24 tracks) suggests.

MP3: Wayne Cochran :: Sleepless Nights
MP3: Wayne Cochran :: Goin’ Back To Miami
MP3: Wayne Cochran :: Harlem Shuffle

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7 Responses to “Wayne Cochran :: The White Knight of Soul 1959-1972”

  1. Wow.

  2. Yessiree– That is something goddarn else! A crazy, forgotten corner of history right there…. with mojo to spare!

  3. the world needs a cochran biopic starring bill murray

  4. Dude i could totally see Bill Murray knocking this one out.

  5. holy crap, that was awesome, 1971 Elvis meets 1971 James Brown

  6. […] you remember Wayne Cochran? Did you know how awesome he was? Aquarium Drunkard posted some MP3s and a video of Cochran earlier this week and confirmed a couple of things. One: […]

  7. Whoa, that was awesome! He had the moves, the awkward mojo and definitely the makings of a biopic in line with Winnebago Man. The Silver Knight! I wanna see it!

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