John Carpenter :: Fairy Tales Forgotten

The thing that makes John Carpenter’s music so easy to absorb is its ability to tap into more genres than you could ever imagine while still sounding like he’s a complete stranger to modern rock, pop and psych from the past five decades. I’m not sure how this happens, but the L.A. artist has an impressive aural resume (Bandcamp page) that offers several releases in demo, single and EP format. And while those are brilliant in their respective evolutionary line, the complete study that captures Carpenter’s craftsmanship is revealed as Fairy Tales Forgotten, his full-length album released at the beginning of this year.

Nope, that’s not Scott Walker you’re hearing on “The Way to Make You Mine”, but it’s the next best thing. The record is loaded with multiple personalities that showcase a love for Eno, Blue Cheer, The Zombies and even the criss-cross, razor guitars of Polvo throughout each track, and sometimes all at once. FTF is an album that’s going to mean different things to many people but still manage to rip a variety of emotions from all of its listeners, trust me. words/s mcdonald

MP3: John Carpenter :: The Captain

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