This is pre-destined to be your summer jam if you let it. Soaked in lethargic ennui, Conspiracy of Owls “Ancient Robots” milks 90s indie throwback in the very best way. Bobby from The Go’s new-ish project; look for the LP out on Burger Records soon.

MP3: Conspiracy of Owls :: Ancient Robots

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4 Responses to “Conspiracy of Owls :: Ancient Robots”

  1. Thanks for making this my new favourite Summer song.

  2. Hey, freakin love the site! And have been enjoying some incredible music thanks to it. ….but i’ve had troubles with the downloads in the last couple months. The download will start, but then seems to stop at 130kb, or before the whole song is downloaded…?? Is that supposed to happen?

  3. Hi rob, everything should be OK w/ the downloads.

  4. very cool, definite ariel pink vibe. i see the dude from the go is still kickass at naming songs.

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