The Rolling Stones :: Main Street Revisited, Mickboy Remasters

Any silence on my part per the recent reissue of the Stones Exile On Main Street has more to do with the fact that I’ve written about the album and its contents so much in the past that I have very little left to say on the subject (versus any implied lack of enthusiasm). In short, it remains one of my all-time favorite rock & roll records. Big statement, yes, but deserved.

So, let’s change the conversation a bit—steer it away from the reissue proper and discuss the heavily bootlegged Mickboy Remasters. Comprised of outtakes, various sourced mixes, etc, the variations found on Main Street Revisited (along with a bevy of alternate-alternate Exile boots), are manna for Stones freaks. New to you? If so, head over to the White Trash Soul blog and download the two disc collection.

Rolling Stones :: Cocksucker Blues – A Documentary (Part 1)

A bootleg documentary more lauded for its reputation (on camera drug use, nudity, shitty groupies/hangers on, etc) than much actual entertainment value, Cocksucker Blues, which loosely follows the band’s decadent 1972 North American tour while promoting Exile On Main Street, is still an interesting watch. I doubt it will ever see the light of day while Jagger is alive, so for a peak at the cult of personalty surrounding the Stones at their prime, stream it in its entirety, in segments, on youtube.

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  1. Eric, thanks a million for those links.

    I resisted purchasing the double disc re-release (I have no interest in hearing Mick sing over tracks from 30 years ago), but did buy the single record, and I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed by the remastering job. Yeah, it’s louder and clearer….but I don’t know if “clearer” is a good thing (for me) with regards to this particular record. It took me so long to “hear” Exile for the first time (I didn’t like it until probably 10 or so full listens), that my ear is attuned to hearing it in a certain form.

    This is worth a download for any Stones fan.

  2. At the begining of C B there is a jam in which Mick Taylor plays one of the greatest guitar solos ever! Do you have any idea what song they’re playing?

  3. Do you mean on the youtube clip posted above? At like the 2:00-2:30 mark? Sounds to me like the outro of Shine a Light.

    Mick Taylor is woefully unappreciated…to me the band was never better than the years we was in it, and to this day he doesn’t get the proper credit he deserves for songs like Sway and Moonlight Mile, unfortunately probably due to jealousy on Keith’s part.

  4. Unfortunately, I bought the new version of Exile. Dammit, I was disappointed. The “new” tracks sound about as much like Exile as Voodoo Lounge does. Thanks for the linkage to Main Street Revisited as well as White Trash Soul. That’s another great blog I’d yet to find.

  5. One more Mickboy Remaster for you (and a brilliant one at that!):

    Only When It’s Frozen – Aftermath and Presented In Stereo

    If anyone has a link for the below Mickboy title, please post it. It is apparently the holy grail of the bunch. Thanks.

    Short And Curlies – It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll By The Balls

  6. Thanks for sharing these links and putting Mickboy/Torn & Frayed Productions on my radar!

    Here are a couple more links I turned up:

    It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll By the Balls

    Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (Mickboy Remaster)

    I’ve found several dead links to Mickboy’s take on Sticky Fingers, “Tastes Sooo Good,” but haven’t landed that one yet. Any assist would be appreciated!



  7. Wow, thanks for turning up the “It’s Only Rock N’ Roll” remaster — I scoured the web for that and turned up short. Allow me to second the request for a link to “Tastes So Good,” if anyone stumbles across it — these remasters sound superb, and I’d love to hear what the guy did with “Sticky Fingers,” which never sounded half-bad to begin with!

  8. Thanks for the links. If anyone out there has NOT heard ‘Rocks Off’ via Mickboy, then consider your life to be a flower that has yet to bloom! Fidelity is relative… Mickboy is Supreme! What decision???
    Re: Cocksucker Blues Film…ABSOLUTELY the worst and ONLY movie about the Rolling Stones that ever needs to be seen! If a chick is good enough to find a vein, then her lap is good enough to use for a bed. Go Keef!!! Penalty declined. 4th down!

  9. Does anyone know what the song is that Mick plays on the piano in the beginning of the film and gets played a couple of more times throughout the movie? Is it one of theirs?

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