One more track from the garage off the (forthcoming) Where The Boys Aren’t mixtape.  Holly Golightly and co. may not have written “Meet Jacqueline” (that would be the Troggs), but in terms of sheer attitude and swagger their version is without question the definitive. Powered by an ever present Bo Diddley beat, the original’s lyrics take on a suggestive, slightly nasty, bent under the girl’s street tough, come-hither, phrasing.  At two minutes and change the sound exists somewhere between two cats purring/fighting in an alleyway.

MP3: Thee Headcoatees :: Meet Jacqueline

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5 Responses to “Thee Headcoatees :: Meet Jacqueline (Where The Boys Aren’t)”

  1. Is this another great Bardot picture or someone else…

  2. Bardot all the way, cuz.

  3. thought you might be interested in this…


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  5. That is pretty cool. Love the retro/lo-fi production. Sounds vintage!

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