AD Presents :: Scottie Diablo’s The Crap Out, A Mixtape

Over the past six months I’ve been inviting some of my favorite voices online (and beyond) to guest DJ during my weekly show on SIRIUS XMU. For those of you sans satellite radio we’ve been turning the sets into mixtapes. They range from the sunkissed 70s grooves of Rising Storm and Cold Splinters to the blown out bootcut of DJ Turquoise Wisdom, with a delicious side of international taboo courtesy of Ponytone. Today we catch up with impresario/manager/gentleman Scottie Diablo.

Entitled THE CRAP OUT, Diablo’s two-part mix draws completely from the burgeoning 90s underground garage rock circuit. Memphis…London…Detroit (and beyond) are all represented. Listening to this mix in 2010 is a fierce kick in the ass from a time (not so long ago) when “lo-fi” and “garage rock” weren’t just music PR buzz words.   So go ahead, indulge your inner teenage delinquent and press play.

After the jump… The Crap Out, A   Mixtape


Part 1: Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Scottie Diablo’s The Crap Out, A   Mixtape (zipped folder 123MB)
Part 2: Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Scottie Diablo’s The Crap Out, A   Mixtape (zipped folder 110MB)

Disc I
Lollipop – 7 And 7 Is
Thundercrack – Cheap Cosmetics
Chrome Cranks – Lost Time Blues
68 Comeback – ’68
The Persuaders – First Time
Pandoras – Hot Generation
The Gibson Bros. – Big Guitar
Jack O’ Fire – Boss Hoss
Bassholes – Platform Blues
Greg Oblivian & The Tip-Tops – Bad Man
The Creeps – Ain’t No Square
The Cramps – I’m Customized
Bantam Rooster – Mexican Leather
Subsonics – Hello Beauty
The Dirtbombs – Fox Box
Oblivians – Alone Again, Or
Supercharger – Trudie Trudie
Compulsive Gamblers – Good Time
The Drags – Who’s Got The Electricity
The Planet Rockers – Spin My Wheels
Electric Frankenstein – I’ll Be Standing (On My Own)
Tav Falco’ Panther Burns – Make Me Know You’re Mine
Zen Guerrilla – Moonage Daydream

Disc 2
Poli Sci Clone – Alien Brains
The Woggles – My Baby Likes To Boogaloo
Chrome Daddy Disco – Hitch
Shutdown 66 – Mr Johnson
Mick Collins – Bump & Grind
Beguiled – I Walk Alone
Royal Pendletons – Losing Hand
Billy Childish – I’m Hurtin’
DM Bob & The Deficits – Two Headed Woman
Baseball Furies – All-American Psycho
Neckbones – Crack Whore Blues
Country Teasers – Mosquito
The Mummies – A Girl Like You
The Psyclone Rangers – Dejesus
Bobbyteens – Rock N Roll Show
Fireworks – Hey Fucker
Satan’s Cheerleaders – Hungry
Cheater Slicks – Should I
The Humpers – 19th Nervous Breakdown
The Immortal Lee County Killers – Let’s Get Killed
Demolition Dolls Rods – If You Can’t Hang

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12 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Scottie Diablo’s The Crap Out, A Mixtape

  1. Now this is *exactly* what I was in the mood for! Thanks for this (and for the many other fine mixtapes you’ve hosted here on AD).

  2. Love your mixtapes,,,,wanted to hear this one but the first download declined,,,,,rrrr?? Thank you for everything you do!

  3. Thanks all for digging my mix. A special huge thanks to all at A.D. for letting me grace their pages with this sonically dirty and lowbrow mixture of rock.

    @Bastardo #3 – no Subteens this round. maybe the next go round. Though that record is sitting at my house. JMM’s cover art is fantastic.

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