AD Presents :: Scottie Diablo’s The Crap Out, A Mixtape

Over the past six months I've been inviting some of my favorite voices online (and beyond) to guest DJ during my weekly show on SIRIUS XMU. For those of you sans satellite radio we've been turning the sets into mixtapes. They range from the sunkissed 70s grooves of Rising Storm and Cold Splinters to the blown out bootcut of DJ Turquoise Wisdom, with a delicious side of international taboo courtesy of Ponytone. Today we catch up with impresario/manager/gentleman Scottie Diablo.

Entitled THE CRAP OUT, Diablo's two-part mix draws completely from the burgeoning 90s underground garage rock circuit. Memphis...London...Detroit (and beyond) are all represented. Listening to this mix in 2010 is a fierce kick in the ass from a time (not so long ago) when "lo-fi" and "garage rock" weren't just music PR buzz words.   So go ahead, indulge your inner teenage delinquent and press play.

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