Bob McFadden And Dor :: The Beat Generation

Sure, Richard Hell may have taken more than a few liberties with “Blank Generation,” but what’s that old adage again; “good artists borrow, great artists steal”? Before Hell dubbed his generation ‘blank,’ Bob McFadden and Dor were talking their own jive on “The Beat Generation” parodying all the hep cats that were emerging on the “scene.” Can ya dig?

MP3: Bob McFadden And Dor :: The Beat Generation

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4 thoughts on “Bob McFadden And Dor :: The Beat Generation

  1. Lovin’ the lead guitar on this track. It’s kind of like a light weight version of the rockabilly licks that Cliff Gallup would play in Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps. Cool track.

  2. Dag! I thought I was the only person that knew the secret behind “Blank Gen”. I found this single about 15 years ago and it blew my mind that I recognized it as the tune “Blank Generation” was based on. Makes sense though, cause Hell put out a poetry magazine (which a young Thurston Moore was a big fan of) before he did any music, and he probably checked out McKuen at some point.

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