Pitchfork Festival: Day Three, Chicago

J. Neas reporting from the final day of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago at Union Park. A hard and fast thunderstorm tore through the park area right before kick-off today and the result was a muggy, hot afternoon. But as I said yesterday, Sunday was no slouch of a line-up, and it seemed bands were determined to make sure people remembered today as the best of the weekend.

The first band I caught was L.A.'s Best Coast. Bethany Cosentino and the band put on a fantastic set. However, I wish they had been just a bit louder as the A stage would prove to be a problem for B stage performers off and on throughout the day. Sounds bleeding through were worse than in past times and it made for a bit of confused listening at times if you weren't solidly close to the B stage. They did "Boyfriend" and that was more than enough to satisfy me when it was time to go catch Girls on one of the main stages. Opening with "Laura," the band performed a dynamic set full of ballads and pure noise that was sequenced beautifully. Christopher Owens teased the crowd when, later in the set, people began shouting out for lead track "Lust for Life." "Yeah, we don't do Iggy Pop covers," he deadpanned. But they soon ran through one of their best songs in excellent form.

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