Fellow Elvis weirdos know that sometimes you just have to track down every conceivable version of the man’s hits. So it was with Jackie DeShannon’s cover of the Leiber/Stoller penned “Trouble” made famous by the king in his film King Creole, and seriously revamped in the ’68 Comeback Special. A very early entry in DeShannon’s career, the track was efficiently used this past week during the credits of True Blood. Nice touch.

Photo: Jackie DeShannon and George Harrison playing Monopoly, 1964.

MP3: Jackie DeShannon :: Trouble

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14 Responses to “Jackie DeShannon :: Trouble (Leiber/Stoller)”

  1. sa-weet

  2. excellent- thanks! great picture, too!!

  3. Yeah, this is one awesome track!

  4. Was looking for the song/background online- thanks for supplying!

  5. I’ve not listened to that much Elvis, but really love his more rockabilly stuff. Any recommendations on albums I should check out? Much obliged.

  6. @Erik – yeah, grab Elvis’s SUN SESSIONS and first few album if you like that style. Can’t go wrong.

  7. Where did you find this download??? I love it!

  8. Thanks for the suggestions Satisfied ’75, much appreciated.

  9. thanks for the song. I’ve really been looking for it since I watched at true blood.

    If you’re looking for trouble (ta na na na nan!)

  10. Where can I go to download this song “Trouble” by Jackie ? I cannot find it on iTunes or any other place for that matter… Help!

  11. PS, what album of Jackie’s was this song on?

  12. would like to know where I could find this song as well….

  13. I can’t find this song either. Where can you get it?

  14. Straight to the point! Thanks!

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