Love both the intro and outtro here. Owns the studio version. Filmed for Old Grey Whistle Test, London, England. Qu’est Que C’est. Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better.

11 Responses to “Talking Heads :: Psycho Killer, Television Appearance, Circa ’78”

  1. Excellent stuff!

  2. yeah, this has always been a favourite.

  3. Absolutely better. But, I can’t believe how they stole their look from Vampire Weekend!

  4. Man, how great is that version? I grew up on the version from the “Stop Making Sense” film with the “boombox”, but this is HOT!

  5. this is AWESOME

  6. I posted this on my own blog about a month ago after a long ’77 binge…love the last 30 seconds of jam!

  7. shiiit… this is dope. love em forever

  8. so great. cool to see/ hear jerry harrison on the backing vocals. didn’t realize he sang so much in that song.

  9. Just ‘fookin brilliant. The whole band is intent on the song…as though nothing else exists. I wonder why Tina has that short cord? It doesn’t give her much room to move.

  10. lookit David Byrne going all guitar hero at the end!

    p.s. I mean guitar hero in the Hendrix context, not the video game….

  11. […] Credit Due Department: I first saw this version of  “Psycho Killer” through the good graces of  Aquarium Drunkard. […]

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