Ty Segall :: My Sunshine/Melted

Most of the “new” music I’m interested in these days is the aural equivalent of throwing gasoline all over an amp/guitar/whatever,   flicking a lit cigarette on it and watching it burn. And yeah, that’s a good thing. I’m more than happy to take a pass on the whole Thompson Twins-esque stuff that’s passing for ‘innovative’ right now. I instinctively get off on crunchy, fucked up, rock & roll — the kind of stuff Ike Turner and the gang started 50 years ago with their blown out and brokedown, newspaper-stuffed, amplifier on “Rocket 88.” A sound perfected by The Kinks ’66 and The Creation — a niche, if limited, sound to play with, but a discernible sound nonetheless. Just ask the Stooges.

Which brings us to Ty Segall. I’m not sure what’s being traded/ingested up north in San Francisco these past couple of years, but whatever it is, it’s working. The incestuous scene (Thee Oh Sees, The Mantles, etc)   continually nail the damaged, garage howl of yore in ways that are both incredibly entertaining and prolific (to the point I’ve had to really temper number the posts on here, though if you tune into the Aquarium Drunkard Show you’ve had an earful of it for awhile now). While I personally, for better or worse, buy into this stuff wholesale, I have repeatedly found myself recommending Ty Segall’s latest, Melted, as the current best of the breed. Let’s just say it works as both a nice gateway into the ’10 SF sound as well as a perfect introduction to Segall for those who don’t feel the need to track down every 7″ (though that’s half the fun, right?). Riiight…

MP3: Ty Segall :: My Sunshine

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12 thoughts on “Ty Segall :: My Sunshine/Melted

  1. Ty Segall is putting out some great stuff now. Imaginary Person gets stuck in my head. It’s a real “Stupid but happy” dance song.

  2. I agree with the whole “Thompson Twins-eque” write off. Fuck it. I just discovered Japan’s first album and once again realized that for the most part, ignore the “revival” and go to the source. The Killers can kiss my white ass and fade into obscurity. This Ty guy has got some serious shit going on. When the source is the origin, run wild my child.

  3. I’ve been wondering that exact same thing Myself these last few days of yore. WTF is up with SanFransisco? How can such a place afford such talent. I bend my knees and pray to Dad that Ty learns how to finally play the Munsters theme song.
    Great work Ty and I will drive my volvo to it.

  4. Huge Bolan fan, got The Slider tattooed on my arm plus children of the revoloution on left arm and futuristic dragon on my back… check out my band .. contact me.. lets do something together??

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