Sparkle Moore :: Good Girls Gone Bad (Wild, Weird, And Wanted)

Wanda Jackson is, and shall always remain, the undisputed queen of rockabilly, but Sparkle Moore’s incredibly brief career will always hold a special place in the imagination. Her entire vibe is surreal. If she had not existed, David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti would have surely created her, if only for a picture or two. Releasing just a handful of sides on Fraternity Records in the fifties, Moore’s delivery, cadence, phrasing and lyrics were uniquely her own—she also rocked a pompadour worthy of Esquerita.

This is no more exemplified than on the 1-2 punch of “Skull & Crossbones” into “Killer” on the highly recomended ACE Records compilation Good Girls Gone Bad (Wild, Weird, And Wanted). Unlike the Fraternity Records, official version, here we are presented with an alternate version that bleeds in from the end of “Skull & Crossbones.” After S&C ends we hear a false start of “Killer” with the producer directing Moore to ditch the “Mmm’s” and, instead, scream bloody murder in between the verses. The effect is genius, inspired and quite bizarre.

MP3: Sparkle Moore :: Skull & Crossbones
MP3: Sparkle Moore :: Killer

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