Not sure how I had never seen this gem before (high five, Reid). Like a lost Jonathan Richman project from another dimension, Son Seed (?) kicks out the jams with “Jesus Is My Friend.” So many “special” moments…too many to go into here. Wow.

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14 thoughts on “Weird

  1. Awesome. I was waiting for Ranking Roger and Dave Wakling to skank onto the set from stage right.

  2. Guitarist in socks, unenthused backup singers…when these guys get to Heaven, Jesus will throw a huge party, and he will go on stage to sing along, and he will point at the multitude of angels, and the angels will all say together, “Zap!”, and they will rejoice, and there will be happiness.

  3. Arena Rock Recording Co. sure has one going for the Christian rock stuff. That Larry Norman reissue was awesome, they put out the awesome art rock weird-stuff from Daniel Amos, and also reissued the Sonseed record. Which I kinda wanna hear.

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