Deerhunter :: Revival

It wasn’t so long ago Deerhunter was weighed down by inconsistent, nonsensical, live performances coupled with mountains of bad press that did nothing but urge critics to inspect and second guess their every move. Things have changed. Since the release of 2008’s Microcastle I have to search the farthest recesses of my brain, with the tiniest of instruments, to even locate those experiences or memories. The band is so strong on all fronts that I would be shocked if their upcoming album wasn’t “Grade A.” In a nutshell, I trust Bradford Cox’s instincts. If he decided to release water faucet field recordings with that Spoonman guy from the Soundgarden video, on limited triple-flexi disc, I’d throw down my credit card digits in an instant. Well…

So when the front man decides to introduce a banjo melody over shuffling drums on the excellent new track “Revival” I’m hardly anxious. The new single, taken from the band’s forthcoming full-length Halcyon Digest, is bright and buoyant. Lyrically, like much of Cox’s work, it confronts the theme of darkness, but sounds like ten different shades of yellow beaming through your windows. Perfect for summer, essential for everyone. words/ s mcdonald

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