Several years ago our pal Duke, over at You Set The Scene, turned us on to the unearthed/reissued Billy Nicholls LP Would You Believe. With the caveat that, unlike so many other ‘lost masterpieces,’ this was an album that actually delivered on the promise of the hyperbole. I took note and he was right. Hailed as “the British answer to Pet Sounds,Would You Believe, features members of the Small Faces and is indeed more than a shade indebted to the alchemy that Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks cooked up 5,000 miles away in southern California.

Produced in 1968 by Andrew Loog Oldham (with a nod to Phil Spector) the album’s contemporary touchstones include the likes of the Small Faces, Left Banke, Love and Zombies, yet filtered through Loog’s production and Nicholls own idiosyncrasies.  A heady slice of sixties baroque pop (chimes, strings, multi-part harmonies, brass) the overall vibe is very London meets L.A.  For a taste, listen below to the resurrected  “London Social Degree.”

MP3: Billy Nicholls :: London Social Degree

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4 Responses to “Billy Nicholls :: Would You Believe”

  1. Not sure if it’s only me, but the file won’t play.
    Anyway, this one’s a classic pop-psych little gem. Recommended from here : Duncan Brown

  2. thanks for the shout out. always glad when i can turn you on to some music.

  3. i love that record

  4. Stellar Record! well worth the 40 dollar vinyl reissue if you can find it!

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