Welcome to the latest mixtape installment in which I highlight some of my favorite voices online and beyond. Today we catch up with DJ O-Dub, aka Oliver Wang of Soul Sides. Since the series began in February Soul Sides has been at the top of my short list. Wang’s taste and knowledge in soul, r&b, funk and hip hop is unrivaled. Below, O-Dub has cooked up an hour long medley of gospel/funk guaranteed to save your soul. In short, you need this tape in your life.

O-Dub is my guest this Friday during the second hour of the SIRIUS/XMU show. Grab this mix, bookmark his site and if you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to catch one of his DJ nights around town.

Download: AD Presents :: Soul Sides, A Gospel/Funk Mixtape (70mb)

Side A
New Hope – Godofallofus
The Inspirational Gospel Singers – The Same Thing It Took
The Week Sisters – What Will It Be Like
Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens – I’ll Take The Long Road
Andrew Wartts and the Gospel Storytellers – There Is A God Somewhere
The Religious Souls – Heaven Sweet Heaven
T.L. Barrett & Youth For Christ Choir – Like A Ship

Side B
Charles May and Annette May Thomas – More Faith Is What It Takes
The Art Reynolds Singers – Down Here Lord/How Did It Feel?
The Joubert Singers – Stand on the Word
Donny Hathaway – Lord Help Me
Robert Vanderbilt – Especially To You
The Truthettes -So Good To Be Alive
G.C. (Gospel Clouds) – Let Us Pray
The Relatives – Goodbye World

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27 Responses to “AD Presents :: Soul Sides, A Gospel/Funk Mixtape”

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  2. Soul successfully saved. Thanks, AD (et O-Dub).

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  4. The link is dead…my Soul is crushed

  5. “File Invalid or Deleted”

    Also I’m desperate for more Mondo Boys, when is Weird Summer II: The Wrath of Khan coming out?

  6. Yeah, if I need this in my life…well, I need it! You convinced me! Let’s get this back up! Thank you kindly, AD, you’re the best.

  7. fixed

  8. Thas’ awright, Jesus! Keep the fire boynin’! Thank ya!

  9. I’m with Cody. Where is the new Mondo Boys? I need it in my world for my summer to be complete.

  10. Sweet! Very excited.

  11. Henry Fix, your mother calling you home for dinner.

  12. this is like my head exploding, being put together, but before it’s done, he doctor puts in really good music on a loop. ss+ad 4eva

  13. http://www.mediafire.com/?ofdbv23bf5btbt1

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  15. Much obliged!!

  16. I just searched A Gospel/Funk Mixtape on youtube and that is sweet! I am buying this album

  17. I’m curious if anyone knows who took the photograph that’s being used for the cover art?

  18. @Sam – Kramer found the image. Lemme ask.

  19. This is straight up awesome! Thanks so much!

  20. @Satisfied ’75, thanks. Any luck?

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  27. Any chance this link can be posted again pretty please?

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