Airing the Admiral Radley session today during the first hour of the show. For those of you sans satellite radio I’ve upped the tracks below. These were cut, live, in March in Austin during SXSW — aka, the public unveiling of the Grandaddy/Earlimart union. As always, thanks to our friends at The Ship.

MP3: Admiral Radley :: I Heart California (AD Session)
MP3: Admiral Radley :: Chingas In The West (AD Session)
MP3: Admiral Radley :: The Thread (AD Session)
MP3: Admiral Radley :: Red Curbs (AD Session)

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7 Responses to “Admiral Radley :: Aquarium Drunkard (Ship Session)”

  1. poor man’s Grandaddy without interesting lyrics

  2. just read up about them . . . ok . . .still a poor man’s grandaddy

  3. get rid of the chick singers and let jason do everything on the mic . . . . its only in your best interests

  4. Great session!

    Luke, thanks for those 3 well thought out comments. Because of your pearls of wisdom, we’re all better off now.

  5. I saw them @SXSW this year and they induced much happiness into my mind. I like these lyrics and the arrangements. Love Grandaddy and Jason solo stuff- each one has it’s own bag.

  6. Interesting stuff. Thanks for the tip!

  7. […] The Sanford Co. « Thievery Corp + Massive Attack Tour The Guardian UK Reviews Mines! » Admiral Radley + Sirius XMU’s Aquarium Drunkard Show! August 5th, 2010 Admiral Radley will be featured in the first hour on Aquarium Drunkard’s Sirius XMU show this Friday, August 6th.  The 4 song live set is taken from the annual Ship studio party at Home Slice Pizza during SXSW. Aquarium Drunkard’s show airs twice on Fridays on SIRUS XMU, available on Channel 26 for SIRIUS subscribers and Channel 43 for XM for subscribers.  Show times are noon-2pm EST and second is midnight-2am EST. If you are not a subscriber, Aquarium Drunkard will also stream the Adrad Ship Sessions: Stream it here! […]

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