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Beach Boys fans: A year and half ago the Rising Storm’s Brendan McGrath put together a compilation of some of his favorite cuts from the latter day Beach Boys records. He called it Beach Bros, and as compilations of this variety go, it did just as intended, re-stoking my interest in some of the Boys lesser known ’70s material. Last week McGrath sent me its follow-up entitled:  Beach Bros 2 aka “10 Big Ones” or “Carl’s 2nd Chance.” I have yet to dig in, but couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share the first volume below. Endless summer, indeed.

Download: The Beach Boys :: Beach Bros (A Compilation)

1. Good Timin’ – (L.A. Light Album 1979)
2. Angel Come Home – (L.A. Light Album 1979)
3. The Trader – (Holland 1973)
4. All This Is That – (Carl & The Passions “So Tough” 1972)
5. Airplane – (Love You 1977)
6. Had To Phone Ya – (15 Big Ones 1976)
7. Love Surrounds Me – (L.A. Light Album 1979)
8. Let Us Go On This Way – (Love You 1977)
9. The Night Was So Young – (Love You 1977)
10. Funky Pretty – (Holland 1973)
11. Only With You – (Holland 1973)
12. Here She Comes – (Carl & The Passions “So Tough” 1972)
13. Hold On, Dear Brother – (Carl & The Passions “So Tough” 1972)

17 Responses to “The Beach Boys :: Beach Bros (A Compilation)”

  1. Of course have a huge respect for someone putting together a compilation like this. But shocked to see no “Sail on, Sailor” on here.
    Some good tracks from Holland but that one takes it for sure. First heard it while half sleeping, woke up and swore I heard the best song ever written.

  2. thank you! best era of the boys!

  3. i hope beach bros 2 has “johnny carson” and “match point of our love” on it, because those are 2 monster jams that are missing from here.

  4. Yeah, I cant get the link to work either.

  5. Link works:

  6. Trader always sends shivers up my creaking spine.

  7. Bummer. McGrath missed out on including some of Dennis Wilson’s great blue-eyed soul: “Make It Good” and “Cuddle Up.” Both off the So Tough LP.

  8. Great compilation, the songs compliment each other nicely. I’m sure we all have our favorite deep cut we’d like to contribute but this is McGrath’s offering.

    I would love to read a really in-depth article on Holland, there’s so much going on in that album. Any suggestions?

  9. i think Match Point of Our Love, monster jam indeed, was on the Beach Bros Bonus disc… but yeah there’s a lot of good ones mentioned above that should have made the cut. Thanks for checking it out, beach bros.

  10. loving it. any chance ‘beach bros 2’ will be uploaded?

  11. Hey BillW, I thought you stopped drinking?

  12. “Hold on Dear Brother” is the best song here. Can I get a witness?

  13. I love the post-Pet Sounds beach Boys stuff. This is a good representation of the 1970’s releases. Anyone who just thinks ‘surfing’ when they hear the Beach Boys are really missing out.

  14. Hey man-Thanks!! I love this era of the beach boys! I first discovered it after watching Five Summer Stories- a surf movie. When and how can I get the Beach Bros 2??

  15. how do we find Beach Bros 2 ?

  16. Beach Bros 2:

  17. I missed the boat on Beach Bros #1; any chance of a re-up?

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