Susan Christie :: Paint A Lady

A psych-folk jam from 1970, the funk is so woozy on this track it’s liable to make you seasick just sitting still. Enter Susan Christie’s “Paint A Lady,” rescued from obscurity by Finders Keepers Records in 2006. Deemed too commercially far out for its time, one can now draw a through line between this and, say, the work of late 70s Joni Mitchell (Hejira) up to Joanna Newsom. Highly recc’d.

MP3: Susan Christie :: Paint A Lady

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8 thoughts on “Susan Christie :: Paint A Lady

  1. Ya know… this track is great, but the thing that strikes me is how wonderful the recording sounds. Doesn’t anybody want to hear music recorded like this anymore? Man, makes me want to buy one of those old furniture piece record players, and throw on the LP of this track. Wonderful. Does anybody remember what those old record player pieces used to smell like? Very distinct….

  2. That smell was a combination of wood, glue & camel hair which was used to coat the turntable. As the tubes in these units warmed up the wood, etc. the odor permeated averything. A great song from this Paint A Lady album was “I Love Onions” which got some radio airplay when it came out in the mid 60s.

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