MONDO BOYS are back with TIDAL WAVE…to help you sweat out these final days of Summer. Best served before 9.21.2010. Mucho take it easy – MB

ZIPPED FOLDER: The full version (with individual mp3s, snippets and artwork)


Takeshi Terauchi – Hana-Gasa Ondo / Beck – Random Order Times (Words)
The Drifters – Another Night With The [Mondo] Boys
The Equals – Reincarnation
Washed Out – Untitled NO. 5
Dara Puspita – Pip Pip, Yeah
Monster Rally – Honeymoon / The Michaels – Past The Moon
The Oh Sees – Tidal Wave
Sonny & The Sunsets – Planet of Women
Richard Swift – Drakula (HEY MAN)
Kenny Graham Anf His Satellites – One Four / The Beach Boys – Whistle In
Philip Glass – Winnie Goes To The Sea
The Beatles – Los Paranoias
News – Loser
Elmore James – Rollin’ And Tumblin’
Bill Fox – Grand-Ville Blues
Tom Ze – O Sandalo
El Guincho – Mientes
Kenny Graham And His Satellites – Tropical Sun
Brenda Lee – Is it True/ Harlem – Gay Human Bones
Susan Christie – Yesterday, Where’s My Mind
Yura Yura Teikoku – Ohayo Mada Yaro
Marie Laforet – Marie Douceur, Marie Colere
Richard Swift – The Atlantic Ocean (Pacific Ocean Version)
Emmit Rhodes- Promises I’ve Made
Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road
Clarence Carter – Gettin The Bills (But No Merchandise)
The Bees – Silver Line
Deerhunter – Revival
Edwyn Collins – Losing Sleep
Black Moth Super Rainbow – I Am The Alphabet
S.E. Rogie – Please Go Easy With Me

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37 Responses to “AD Presents :: Mondo Boys, Tidal Wave – A Mixtape”

  1. Yes!

  2. God what took so long. YESSSSSSSS. THANKS.

  3. Just what I’ve been longing for. Thanks!

  4. Excellent! I can’t wait for the follow up to Continuous Monument. Thanks!

  5. Thanks! For a moment, I thought that was Justin Long on the cover.

  6. Love the alt. Atlantic Ocean

  7. YES! There is a god!

  8. thank you.

  9. fantastic! I love the Harlem mashup

  10. !!!! Incendiary, as always! Thanks AD, I think I officially love you.

  11. Thank God for this!!!!

  12. I’ve been waiting for this! Was in the need of something new this afternoon and here it is! Thank you.

  13. I jumped a little out of my seat, I was so sxcited to see this up!

  14. Hell yes!!

  15. AMAZING! I hang out for these mixed tapes.

    What a perfect way to kick off to kick off the weekend.

    Thank you!

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  18. Thanks! I’m lovin’ it.

  19. The continuous mp3 is only 16 minutes long instead of an hour.

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  21. What a great mix – thank you! Did you intend for some of the songs to be less than a minute – one is only 15 seconds! Just curious! 🙂

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  23. Finally, summer can die in peace.

  24. Hell of a mix

  25. So good, just what the doctor ordered.

  26. Tom Zé is awesome! Good call!

  27. fantastic, thanks very much

  28. so great thanks
    for doing that


  30. MONDO BOYS!!!!!! Now I have something to tide me over until I start busting out the Hween mix you guys did, please keep’em comin

  31. I tried to find more information on the band 13 News, but googling “13 News” along with “music” or “band” or even the track name “Loser” came up with nothing relevant. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  32. Wow, okay, so the band is called “News” not “13 News,” I’m a little slow. Still, that didn’t make the search any easier.

  33. it was sooo good.. thanx <3 It has totally made me in this weird happy mood. Watch out world!

  34. who are this band called the michaels? they have the song past the moon mixed with monster rally’s honeymoon? could not find any info about them elsewhere.

  35. The Michaels

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  37. first: thank you Mondo Boys, i’m enjoying that one as i was enjoying the “Weird Summer” mixtape.

    Just wondering what is that song from Washed Out, that mysterious No.5 untitled, where could i get the full track? On which EP?

    thank you.

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