I did not upload these myself (looks like they’ve been floating out there in the ether for awhile) but had to share it.

Link To Zipped Folder:
Talking Heads :: The CBS Demos, 1975

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7 Responses to “Talking Heads :: The CBS Demos, 1975”

  1. NICE!!

  2. Very nice… it’s the first two albums, recorded by a trio. What a great bass-player Tina Weymouth is!!!
    It’s not the same as the guy who passed on the Beatles maybe, but really: who at CBS said no to this?

  3. Right on!

  4. Many thanks for turning me on to this. Great early stuff!

  5. Had this for a while and it is nothing short of amazing.

  6. I feel left out as the link for the actual zip file has escaped me… is it obvious or am I just doing something wrong?

  7. […] Download This: Talking Heads – The CBS Demos, 1975 […]

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