September 5th and 8th, Aquarium Drunkard presents The Gories at Spaceland (9/5) the Echo (9/8). We’re giving away several pairs of tickets for each show. To enter: leave a comment below with you name, the date of show, and an email address we can reach you at. Winners chosen at random and will be notified with tickets held at will-call.

Mp3: The Gories :: Hey, Hey We’re The Gories

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27 Responses to “AD Presents :: The Gories, Los Angeles: Sept 5th and 8th”

  1. Really looking forward to seeing them live after so many years loving their records. (Sept. 5)

  2. At the tender age of 14, they were my gateway drug to trash…I was in the Sup Pop Singles Club and they threw in a sleeveless copy of their Spinal Tap cover “Gimme Some Money” and I was hooked! Either date is fine with me!

  3. Looking forward to seeing some fellow Michiganders!
    (sept 5)

  4. would love to catch the Sept. 5 show.

  5. Never thought I’d be seeing the Gories. Thanks for presenting both shows. Got my fingers crossed for Sept. 8th tickets.

  6. hell yea! was fortunate enough to see them in ’09 with the Oblivians in Memphis AND Detroit…now they’re coming up to Portland Sept. 10th… Thank you Mick Collins!!

  7. i’d love to go to either show! i need more mick collins in my life.

  8. Is this the original lineup? Will Danny Dollrod be playing with Mick? If so, does that mean we don’t have to wear pants to the show? Saw the Dirtbombs when they came through last, but I could still use another dose of Mick.

    Hoping to score some tix for the show on the 5th.


  10. Please and thank you Mister! Let’s make a party on the 5th!!! Or the 8th!! It’s the Gories ya’ll, I’m unemployed and I don’t have to work the next day anyway!

  11. I hope i can get on the echo show on the 8th. (something interesting/witty to say)

  12. Spaceland Sept. 5th Gories and/or the Dirtbombs – I am the number #1 fan. Clear the pit!

  13. Big big fan. Put me down for the 8th. Thanks!

  14. Wednesday Sept 8th @ the echo please!!!

  15. It’s been FAR too long since I’ve seen these guys! sept 8th at the echo! 🙂

  16. The Adios Lounge is politely tossing its mug into the ring for the Sunday, Sept 5 gig at Spaceland. It’s for, er uh, research. Rock ‘n’ roll research. Yep, that’s it.

  17. If you still have tix to give away for the 5th I’d like to throw my name in there. Thanks

  18. Nitroglycerine! Spaceland the 5th please.

  19. Whoa! is this contest still going on? Already planning on going on Sept 5th, but would love a (free) reason to see them again on the 8th!!

  20. It’s early in the morning, and I ain’t got nothing but the Blues. (O.K., it’s more like late afternoon, but that “Blues” thing still applies). Cure: Tix to see The Gories

  21. Glory be the Gories for reuniting! @ the Echo, gotta go. The Gories are our theme band that always reminds me & my man of the 1st night we hung out & danced on the table to them. That’s the view from here. corny.

  22. Oops, forgot to indicate the 8th at The Echo. Sorry.

  23. Would love to go to the Echo on the 8th. Thanks!

  24. hi… ummm sept 8th at the echo please… thanks.

  25. Thunderbird ESQ! I love it more than I love you!

  26. At the tender age of 14, they were my gateway drug to trash

  27. At the tender age of 14, they were my gateway drug to trash

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