(Sevens, a recurring feature on Aquarium Drunkard, pays tribute to the art of the individual song.)

The muse that is ‘Summer’s end’ has long served as an allegory for countless pieces of prose, poetry and, of course, song. From the Beach Boys to Don Henley (“Boys of Summer,” anyone?), the bittersweet transition from the warm, stereotypically carefree, months of the season into Autumn are often tinged with a touch of nostalgia and/or melancholy. Palace Brothers Gulf Shores,” culled from the Mountain EP, finds the narrator (Oldham) lamenting the end of the vacation…”All our friends have gone away from here, so let’s disappear from sight.” It’s dropped a good 15 degrees here in Los Angeles in the past 24 hours. Time to cue up those Fall jams.

MP3: Palace Brothers :: Gulf Shores

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7 Responses to “Sevens :: Palace Brothers/Gulf Shores”

  1. definitely feeling this today, up 14 floors in this gray sky…

  2. I was only familiar with Will Oldham’s rerecording of this song on the Greatest Palace Music album. The humid aura of that version always invokes images of a sleepy beach town secluded on Florida’s panhandle. When Oldham played “Gulf Shores” at an Amoeba in-store, I could only sway in rapture.

  3. this has always been a favorite of mine especially played during the onset of fall.

  4. Summer was too short.

  5. What an amazing track. That entire Mountain EP could have been called Endless Summer Blues or something like that.

    I actually posted on ““Horses” last night. Palace must be in the air or something.

  6. On the Lost Blues collection, this song is proceeded by West Palm Beach and together they make a great pair of summer blues songs. I especially enjoy the line “I can’t get the sand out of my shoes”. Brilliant stuff.

  7. I love this song…Ican’t stop listening to it over and and over again and with the beginning of fall just around the corner who could really stop! Keep it up Justin you are inspiring as well as rewarding us!

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