We’re giving away three pairs of tickets to AD readers. Hit up the comments with your name and email to enter.

22 Responses to “AD Presents :: The Tallest Man On Earth, @ The Henry Fonda”

  1. Ah updated. gtwodt (at) gmail FTW!!!

  2. loving it.

  3. Fingers, legs, and eyes crossed! (x _ x) !!!

  4. sounds great. would love to go

  5. “You rescue me, I’ll rescue you”.

  6. yes we’re still kids on the run

  7. these tickets would be the light in the middle of my fall.

  8. Like a wheel, I want to roll on over to the Fonda to see Kristian Matsson! Thank you!

  9. Would love the tickets. But who, in their right mind, wouldn’t?

  10. can’t make it to this show (in nyc) but any chance i could get my hands on one of these posters?

  11. Kristian Matsson was reason #7 on my “11 reasons to Stowaway on a ship bound for Sweden” list: http://singtomebreathe.blogspot.com/2010/06/11-reasons-to-stowaway.html. Other than Jose Gonzalez, he’s my favorite man with a guitar (of current times). And sometimes when I’m getting overwhelmed by three synthesizers on stage or too many flashing strobe lights, a man with his guitar is just the remedy I need.

  12. won’t you let me in?

  13. And the winner is???

  14. Alex Frost–alexandermfrost@gmail.com Just moved to LA this weekend, make my first week here awesome?

  15. Just moved to LA this weekend, make my first week here awesome?

  16. I would love to go to the show.

  17. Michael Espinach – injoyah@gmail.com

  18. The Tallest Man makes me feel taller…is that even possible?

  19. Yes!

  20. This would be a dream come true…

  21. Live in NY so no tix for me- just wanted to say that’s a really amazing poster graphic!

  22. YAY!!! Thank you so much Justin!

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