“Well, late at night, when the people were gone, he used to pick up my guitar. And sing a song in a shaky voice that was real as the day was long.” – Neil Young, Tonight’s The Night

Josh Tillman takes on Tonight’s The Night, Neil Young’s dark night of the soul, in its entirety…

Download: J. Tillman :: Tillman Sings ‘Tonight’s The Night’ (zipped folder, 32mb)

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  1. […] Drunkard has the complete recording of J. Tillman taking on Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night. I don’t know the full story behind […]

  2. So all you critics sit alone, you’re no better than me for what you’ve shown.

  3. Hi, I’ve been listening and reading some of these comments. I understand why you want to sing these songs. I’m not a musician but I sing them all the time anyway. This record was my favorite NY work for a long time and is still in my top 5. I think you do a good job on at least half of them enough to stand in its own right as an original interpretation of something that is intensely personal. I thank you for doing it if for no other reason than to validate my estimation of NY as the most important musician in my life and also to validate NY to my 24 year old son, who turned me on to Fleet Foxes (which I also love).

  4. p.s. in the spirit of folk music, I also enjoy singing harmony along to your lead vocals!

  5. […] Aquí puedes descargar el álbum. […]

  6. Good work Tillman! These are heartfelt renditions of the original material. Good for you to see that these raw takes was the way to go. I agree with your take on that completely. You don’t owe anyone an explaination.
    ” with your stomach pumps and your hook and ladder dreams”
    OD, Bartlett, NH

  7. Cowboy Junkies did ‘Tired Eyes’ – just sub that in… I love how all the comments here are either ‘this is AWESOME’ and ‘this SUCKS’

  8. J. Tillman’s somber style works better for some of the songs then others however, overall this is a great set of covers. I wish that more musicians would do this with albums that have clearly made a difference in their lives.

  9. I’m a 55 year old guy who listened to the original “Tonight’s the Night” about a zillion times, but when I first heard this rendition it went straight to my brain and I haven’t got it out yet. It was like hearing a brand new Tonight’s the Night and seeing those old recordings in a brand new light. I really appreciate that. Thanks, Mr. Tillman. I could tell this was no fling on your part but a straight-from-the-heart project that you always wanted to do.

  10. […] DOWNLOAD LINK […]

  11. […] Recently, J. Tillman recorded a great, ten-song set of covers from Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night.  And thanks to the fine folks over at Aquarium Drunkard, you can hear it for free!  So, why wait?  Head on over and check it out. […]

  12. […] out of nowhere, with no source notation and nary a mention on Tillman’s Wikipedia page, but Aquarium Drunkard’s got the lot, and I highly recommend ‘em all, most especially the first track below, with its gorgeously […]

  13. As a big Neil fan myself, and having heard many Neil songs around many campfires, in livingrooms, in fact all over the damn place, I gotta say I love this. Josh, you are completely right in your point of view. Can’t understand some of these comments. Nicely done!

  14. Anyone who’s ever picked up their own guitar and taken a crack at these songs knows that when you play them, you feel them even more. Or even if you’ve sung them a capella in a car in Santa Cruz while your friend is up in the hotel room deciding whether or not to kill himself. A worthy tribute, Mr. Tillman.

  15. […] ten first-take demos of Neil Young’s 1975 original album and is available as a free download here. Neil Young’s Philadelphia is one of a dozen originals that Peter Gabriel tackles on Scratch […]

  16. […] I really need to say more? There are some gems on this one. Go to Aquarium Drunkard and download the album in its entirety. — Capt. Obvious Posted in You […]

  17. I’ve only listened to C’mon Baby so far, but Tillman sounds more like Jason Molina than I remember (and Molina must be a huge NY fan as well). Looking forward to hearing this entire set.

  18. […] listen to Tillman’s cover of “Tonight’s The Night” by Neil Young here. […]

  19. […] J. Tillman – Tillman Sings ‘Tonight’s The Night’ J. Tillman is the drummer for Seattle band Fleet Foxes but he also writes and plays music under his own name. Head over to the amazing American music blog Aquarium Drunkard to hear Tillman’s take on Neil Young’s classic album Tonight’s The Night, one of our favourite albums. Tillman’s voice really suits the material and it’s a great way to re-visit the album. Check it out now as it might not be online for much longer. […]

  20. Wow! A lot of arguing over this cover/recording. That is a good thing overall. Any chance this is made available for download…once more, maybe 🙂

    One comment on my end – although belated by 3 good years.

    One thing that comes to my mind when I am discovering older stuff is what kind of music would I be listening to, had I been around at the time a certain record was issued in the first place. Let’s assume some of us were in their ’20s back in the day when ‘Tonight’s The Night’ hit the stores, would we actually listen to this stuff, admit its importance, dismiss it or what.

    I discovered Neil Young when I was 20 and went through his entire catalog from the solo beginning till ‘Hawks & Doves’ and then jumped over to ‘Ragged Glory’; all within the span of a summer break; and fell in love with the music. But long time before that when I was still a teenager I came across ‘Trans’ which at the time was contemporary…and (I) was indifferent to say the least.

    Nowadays though, I am comfortable revisiting ‘Tonight’s The Night’ knowing the whole story behind the sessions and adding some memorabilia/nostalgia deriving from my early 20s when I first touched base with this recording. Overall listening experience is very unique because it has become more of a personal thing.

    Bottom line, when Mr. Tillman does his version of the album, I am just thrilled to think that something in that album triggered an artist to revisit and redo the whole set. And if you really like Neil Young and Tillman then you can definitely enjoy this cover/recording. If you are holding back to either of the artists, then it is bound to be tricky or be picky choosing sides…

    People listening to classical music maybe better understand the need for contemporaries to perform older works. Neil Young output is sort of a classic long time now, right.


  21. Any chance of reposting this? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  22. Thanks for uploading it again!

  23. I too would love to hear this… please help 🙂 THanks!

  24. Any chance for a re-upload? Would be awesome! Thanks

  25. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET A RE-UP OF THIS!! I had no idea this existed (favorite album + one of my favorite artists).

  26. Please repost the album

  27. Please please please repost?

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