Here’s one from ye olde AD home office mailbag. I played this jam for a longtime listener/reader on the SIRIUS show last week. Of the myriad of bands that were coming out of the UK, in the mid-sixties, The Attack may not have become a household name in the way, say, the Animals did, but like The Creation, when they blazed they were white-hot. Check out the sub-machine gun, garage, blast that is “Go Your Way,” and be sure to tune in on Fridays.

MP3: The Attack :: Go Your Way

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2 Responses to “The Attack :: Go Your Way”

  1. I love The Attack but have yet ti purchase this record. I love this website AD!

  2. Almost every song on this record is fantastic, with the exception of the oft covered and naff “Created By Clive.”
    I’m not sure what happened with this group – thye were held in high regard in their day, along with The Who, Pretty Things, Creation, et. al. Plus they had connections to other great bands: The Nice, Marmalade, Atomic Rooster. Somehow they were forgotten. Their early mod hits are some of the best songs of the era and, like The Pretty Things, when they went psych, they continued to deliver. Thanks for sharing! FWIW, Mr. Pinnodmy’s Dilemma is another great one from this period of The Attack.

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