Self described as a “midnight-hour R&B shake-fest” the self-produced debut of L.A. based Waterhouse, backed by the Turn-Keys, is an eerie R&B rhumba found on the flip with the torrid saxophone of Ira Raibon trading fours with the rest of the group. In short, “Some Place” cooks. Look for the 7′ out this fall.

MP3: Nick Waterhouse & The Turn Keys :: Some Place

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3 Responses to “Nick Waterhouse & The Turn Keys :: Some Place (7″)”

  1. Great song. I’m going to leave a comment every time I like a new band you feature. This sound is old and grimy and I love it. I’m going to look them up and find older music that influenced them. Thanks

  2. Super! Greasy and timeless!

  3. Wow this is awesome. Im surprised music like this can even be made anymore.

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