Speaking of the late Bobby Byrd, his signature jam, “I Know You Got Soul,” with James and the JBs at his back, will never lose an ounce of its potency. Favorite part: the cymbal crash/drum break at fifteen seconds.

MP3: Bobby Byrd :: I Know You Got Soul

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7 Responses to “Bobby Byrd :: I Know You Got Soul”

  1. Damn Yea!That’s what I’m talking about. I listen to this page everyday, usually more than once all the way through. AD gets better everyday. My comments sound generic, but this website is the second page I visit every time I’m on the internet. Thanks for rocking my face.
    This is a great artist that I’ve never listened to. Purchasing NOW!

  2. That’s some shit, man

  3. just perfect!!! yes thanks. 😀

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  5. The ending’s quick resolution suits the song well. Since it’s a groovy, rhythmic song (where some may bust a move) the ending is like the party-pooper who stops the music in the midst of a dance. You immediately notice and want to keep groovin’.

  6. This oddly goes real well somehow played simultaneously with the Jon Spencer theremin demo below…

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