R.L. Burnside :: Going Down South (C. 1970, Mississippi)

Musically, a late bloomer (outside of his native Mississippi), little footage and/or recordings exist of R.L. Burnside prior to his ‘discovery’ via the folks at Fat Possum Records in the early 90s. The above video is culled from the “You See Me Laughin'” documentary that highlighted the Mississippi delta & hill country blues players the label showcased prior to their current focus on skinny white dude music. For those interested in the region’s blues, it is a great doc and well worth a watch on YouTube.

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8 thoughts on “R.L. Burnside :: Going Down South (C. 1970, Mississippi)

  1. awesome clip. hearing the “new” version of this song on the season premiere of eastbound & down has me a big r.l. kick this week.

    speaking of fat possum, who would have thought they’d be reissuing ‘the slider’? i’m convinced it must have something to do with their signing of those (awesome) smith westerns kids.

  2. @k, yeah, the “Ass Pocket” version. speaking of Eastbound & Down, just saw via twitter that Richard Swift is getting some love in upcoming episodes.

    Per Slider, they also did a good job on the Townes and Al Green vinyl.

  3. Dear AQ,

    How the f*ck did you get so great? You guys are the best.

    Anyway, I want to echo your recommendation of “You See Me Laughing” – a fascinating watch and well worth your time.

  4. Two other old clips of R.L. Burnside can be seen in the extra footage on the anniversary edition of “The Land Where the Blues Began”. He’s playing “Jumper on the Line” in the opening credits as well. Highly recommend checking it out. Belton Sutherland is another artist who made two very stirring contributions.

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