Daniel Lanois on Neil Young’s Le Noise :: Track by Track

Daniel Lanois, who produced Neil Young’s new LP, Le Noise, discusses the album track by track.

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8 thoughts on “Daniel Lanois on Neil Young’s Le Noise :: Track by Track

  1. this is why you can’t help but keep loving Neil Young. Every decade or so, he’s sure to hit one out of the park. Sure, there may be a couple of pop-fly outs or he may hit into a double-play between slams, but you know every ten years or so he’s gonna blow you away. Now, how about a little bit of tour, Neil?

  2. Dear Daniel Lanois,

    Please take Hemingway’s advice about writing and apply it to music: “You lose it when you talk about it.”

  3. Bob,

    If you can list anything you have ever done that comes close to “Time Out Of Mind” you might be in a position to offer Daniel Lanois advice.

    Otherwise, shut the fuck up and let him speak. He is a master at his craft. What are you?

  4. >>>[S]hut the fuck up. . . . What are you?

    I’m not a troll but clearly someone who, for the second time in the past two weeks, has failed to recognize the boundaries of acceptable discourse here. I apologize to you and other readers of this blog. It won’t happen again. Peace.

  5. the link wont work at work so ill have to check it out at home. Andrew you’re a damn slag – let people state their opinions.

    I’ve only heard one track of this album so far – Love & War and consider it to be pretty terrible and hokey….I do believe that Daniel Lanois had something to do with the hokiness – because one thing Neil typically isnt is hokey.

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