Heading east on Santa Monica Blvd, just after the Blues Explosion’s set last night at the Troubadour, the conversation turned towards all things Jon Spencer related (it was that kind of show). Naturally the discussion landed on Spencer’s 90s collaboration with his wife, Christina Martinez, Boss Hog. The band’s self-titled, major label, debut has a number of high points including their take on “I Idolize You” — that being said, no one did it quite like Ike & Tina did in their prime.

MP3: Ike & Tina Turner :: I Idolize You

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5 Responses to “Ike & Tina Turner :: I Idolize You”

  1. this song is incredible. thanks!

  2. Just seeing JSBX is amazing. Love the blog.

  3. It skips towards the end, but what a voice Tina had then.

  4. Now that’s a vocal take.

  5. Lizz Wright does a beautiful cover of this,slow and bluesy

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