A bit more wavy-gravy than some of the more straight-forward/run of the mill surf comps out there, The Surf Creature delivers 25 instrumental benders with a nod to the bizarre. This collection is an overview of the Surf Creature vinyl series Romulan Records began issuing awhile back. Toes on the nose, indeed.

MP3: Unknown :: The Fifth Dimension
MP3: The Starfires :: Hand Full of Blood

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5 Responses to “The Surf Creature :: Wild, Weird & Wet – A Compilation”

  1. how do I get this/where do I find these?

  2. Hi there another top notch choice. I remember buying my vinyl copy of the first of these on a whim from the fantastic Pet Sounds Records in Newcastle (home of surfing you understand) I once made a tape copy for a work mate and he thought I had made this fantastic compiliation from my own record collection (I wish)……………

    Ka-Ha Huna!

  3. where do u buy??

  4. I just searched up “The Surf Creature” and immediately found it in full from another music blog.

  5. I’m the drummer on this. The other side is Re-Entry This is by Hank Rice & the Starfires and we were from Kenosha, Wi (just outside of Chicago) We recorded it in June of 1963 at Sonic Studios on wabash Av. in Chicago, Il.
    Band broke up in 1965 when I was drafted. Hank (guitar) is still kicking and plays occasionally in kenosha.
    Do yopu have a recording of the B side?
    Duke Barrett

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