Back in 1971 a short-lived band out of Nashville, TN, by the name of Riley, pressed up 500 copies of their self-released LP, Grandma’s Roadhouse. Nearly 40 years later Delmore Recordings has dusted off and reissued the album for its second wind. An exercise in the kind of “country rock” that was beginning to take hold across the country, having blazed a trail out West, Grandma’s Roadhouse is like a postcard from what could have been.

We have a piece of Riley vinyl, from the folks are Delmore, to giveaway to an AD reader. To enter, leave a comment below with your name, an email in the address field, and your favorite Creedence album. Winner notified via email.

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48 Responses to “Riley :: Grandma’s Roadhouse”

  1. cosmo’s factory!

  2. Bayou Country.

    Keep on Chooglin’ babies

  3. Green River

    Not a single let down on this album, and probably not a better Creedence song than “Wrote a Song for Everyone”.

  4. Definitely their live album, The Concert. Like Rocky Balboa atoning for Rocky V, The Concert makes up for the crapfest that was Live in Europe.

  5. Cosmo’s Factory, hands down…C’mon…Long as I can see the light…”Put a candle in the window-ooh-oooh-oooo”

  6. Although “Run through the Jungle” off of Cosmo’s Factory is my favorite Creedence song I’m gonna pick their self titled first as my favorite album. “Walk on the Water” kills me every time and that epic Suzie Q…..mmmmmmm!!

  7. I’m going with the S/T debut. What a way to kick off a career…

  8. The two-cassette best-of was what I wore out as a kid. As far as proper studio albums go, I’d have to say Cosmo’s…Ramble Tamble always got me riled up

  9. Here’s a vote for Willie and the Poor Boys. “The Midnight Special” and “Cotton Fields” take me back to my misspent youth.

  10. My real name is Luke. My favourite CCR record is Willy and the Poor Boys. Thanks again for this freaking rocking website! Later

  11. Gonna go with Willy and the Po Boys cause I just picked it up on vinyl a couple weeks ago and been rockin it. But I’ve always thought of them as a singles band, so the anthology may take the cake…

  12. Cosmos Factory. heard it while high!

  13. Struggled with this one but Cosmo’s Factory came out top.

  14. Willy and the Poor Boys. Tough call to make though. Them boys had the golden touch!

  15. Cosmos’s factory. There isn’t really anything more to say.

  16. I grew up listening to Cosmo’s Factory and Creedence Gold from my dad’s collection.

  17. “Green River”, by a mile, in my opinion. Thanks.

  18. Born and raised on Creedence. Gotta love “Looking Out My Back Door”. The Dude abides.

  19. It’s Green River for me….growing up that was the only Creedence album my dad had and i would stare at the cover and back for hours while i listened to the album over and over.


  20. TH S/T first album (w/ the epic Suzy Q with the great slow start) does it for me. There are also some live gems over at

    Pick me.


  21. I bought cosmos factory from a used record store back in high school. When I took the record out, weed seeds poured out of the sleeve.

  22. cosmos factory, natch!

  23. tough choice, but…
    “Bayou Country”. The twin swamp of “Bayou” and “Chooglin'” gets me every time. Add “Proud Mary” and you’ve got a five-star listen.

  24. Green River

  25. Gonna go with Pendulum. Just cause Pagan Baby is a total underrated jam.

  26. criticize me if you must, but my favorite is “greatest hits, vol i” not because i would typically consider greatest hits compilations to be “albums” per se, but because its the cassette i grew up listening to. memories + nostalgia.

  27. The one still stuck in Doug Cliffards basement.

  28. Goin’ with Willy & The Poor Boys. Could almost pick it on the strength of “Effigy” alone.

  29. Green River… Wrote a song for everyone is incredible… Mr Tweedy and Mavis doing a great version here…

  30. Gotta be Cosmos Factory.

  31. Green River…I was just turned onto this record after seeing Mavis and Jeff cover “Wrote a Song for Everyone” at Lolla…I don’t know how I missed this record growing up! Lodi’s another gem I missed having only heard a few “Best of…” comps…


  32. Bayou country….found it in highschool looking through my dad’s old records and has been in rotation ever since.

  33. totally cosmo’s factory, what a gem

  34. self-titled.

  35. Cosmo’s Factory

  36. CCR’s First Album Solid Rockin’ Soul!!!!

  37. Tempted to go with Willie and the Poor Boys b/c it has my favorite CCR track “Effigy.”

    But favorite album itself is probably Bayou Country– Chooglin, Pauper, and Bootleg!

  38. This definitely goes to Pendulum, with ‘I Wish I Could Hide Away’, ‘It’s Just A Thought’ and of course ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’…man, so much soul.

  39. Willy and the Poor Boys–if only because it’s so brilliantly sequenced.

  40. Cosmo’s Factory

  41. Willy and the Poor Boys!

  42. Willy and the Poor Boys fer sure. Moving from Down on the Corner to Effigy is a trip I’ve never tired of taking.

  43. The Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival, vol 1…


    Green River, I’m pretty sure….. or Cosmo’s…. both are incredible.

    Then again, so is Willy and the Poor Boys…. and Pendulum is incredible too…..

    a great review from 1971:


  44. I would have to say Cosmo’s Factory even though I find myself listening to Bayou and Green River a lot more. I just really dig the songs that are not on Chronicle, which was my first exposure to CCR when I was young. It took me a long time to look past the Chronicle and realize that CCR had actual albums. I don’t know why it took me so long to think of them but now that I have them I love the none singles just as much as the ones that appear on Chronicle, but in regards to Mardi Gras, that is a whole different story.

  45. First, s/t album or Cosmo’s Factory.

  46. I’m gonna have to say Willy and the Poor Boys.

  47. Cosmo’s for me. “Long as I Can See the Light” gets me every time.

  48. My fav is cosmo’s factory

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