Last year during Halloween we profiled Charles Manson’s controversial 1970 LP Lie: The Love and Terror Culta must-read for anyone interested in the recording. Today we’re focusing on Red River Dave’s biographical tale of the Manson family murders as told through song, “California Hippie Murders.” A slice of country yodeling weirdness at its best.

Red River Dave :: California Hippie Murders

5 Responses to “Red River Dave :: California Hippie Murders”

  1. i reeeeeealllly wanted to. but this was just painful. lol!!!!

  2. Weird! It’s almost like a jolly campfire singalong – and the lyrics – WOW!

  3. Breaking this puppy again for Christmas

  4. Breaking this puppy out again for Christmas

  5. Wow, what a wild song. Saw a crazy documentary just last week about the “family”.

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