Son of Mondo Boys :: A Halloween Mixtape

Back from the dead. We are Mondo Boys – a NY/LA mixtape/sound collage collaborative. This is our 2010 Halloween mix. Grab last year’s here.   Mucho take it easy. — MB   (mondo boys are: n. punwar, m. schanzlin, j. gage and m. griffin)

Son of Mondo Boys, A Halloween Mixtape

Connan Mockasin: Forever Dolphin Love
The Advisory Circle: Callsign ‘A’: The TV Trap
Spoon: Paper Tiger / Sam Prekop: Old Punch Card / Vincent Price: How To See Ghosts Or Surely Bring Them To You
Olivia Tremor Control: Can You Come Down With Us?
The Microphones: Tape Deck Ghost
The Creation: Nightmares
Paul McCartney: Darkroon / Money Mark: Maybe I’m Dead / The Advisory Circle: A Clear Yarn Warning
Money Mark: Maybe I’m Dead
Matthew Dear: I Can’t Feel
Connan Mockasin: Grampa Moff
Donovan: Season of the Witch
The Beatles: Devil In Her Heart
Connan Mockasin: Forever Dolphin Love
Curtis Mayfield: Freddie’s Dead
Tom Ze: Sambar Meu Bem
Atlas Sound: Kid Klimax / Buffy Sainte-Marie: The Vampire
Joanna Newsom: Cosmia / Le Loup: (Howl) / Mount Vernon Arts Lab: The Mandrake Club
Suuns: Up Past The Nursery
Beck: Scarecrow / Matthew Herbert: Leipzig
Madvillain: Do Not Fire!
The Who: Boris The Spider
The Bug: Freak Freak / Radiohead: Nude / Owen Pallett: Keep The Dog Quiet
Kurt Vile: Dead Alive
Howlin’ Wolf: Moanin’ At Midnight
Timmy Thomas: Why Can’t We Live Together
Connan Mockasin: Please Turn Me Into The Snat

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22 thoughts on “Son of Mondo Boys :: A Halloween Mixtape

  1. Stupid question, but what kind of software do you use to actually make the mix, blend tracks, etc.?

  2. I check this page entirely too often, hoping that one day another mondo mix materializes.

  3. After listening to the 2010 mix more than 1000 times, I can’t believe/remember why I don’t have this. Again, this is amazing.

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