Diversions :: Breathe Owl Breathe on “Nine Ways to Disappear”

(Diversions, a recurring feature on Aquarium Drunkard, catches up with our favorite artists as they wax on subjects other than recording and performing.)

Named after the rural Michigan cabin Breathe Owl Breathe built, live in and work out of, the troupe’s latest full-length, Magic Central, is an unexpected trip.   At first glance Breathe Owl Breathe trade in the similar stock and trade of other contemporary folk outfits of the ’00s, that is, until you peel back a layer or two.   The trio laid down the below screed on Lilie Carre’s Nine Ways To Disappear for AD just prior to their gig in Los Angeles last week.

We’re on the road right now [touring], stitching through landscapes old and new… like Marty, Einstein, and Doc Emmet Brown—except our vessel runs on cassette tapes instead of plutonium and garbage. Just recently, we happened across a little book called, Nine Ways to Disappear, written and illustrated by Lilli Carre. This is a book of short stories that continually invites the reader in, in, in. Each chapter reveals a different set of familiar and relatable characters desperately hoping to change the circumstances that define them. The illustrations swallow you up and masterfully demonstrate just how much can be said without words. At the same time, the text is sparing and funny. Back at the cabin [our home], the fall is turning to winter, and new ecologies are emerging while others disappear. Once upon a late Fall day, the question came up…”When a bug tenses up, what goes on in its shell?” This book helps answer that question, shedding light on everyday matters that most of the time seem trivial…. As winter approaches, and we dive deeper into internal pursuits, Nine Ways to Disappear will find a permanent place next to the wood stove and candle light.

MP3: Breathe Owl Breathe :: Across The Loch
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