Shitty proto-drum machine. Check one. Woozy, repetitive, lounge organ. Check two. Billboard chart-busting hit? Yeah, it’s that third one where you do the double take, as nothing about Timmy Thomas’s “Why Can’t We Live Together,” from 1972, evokes any semblance of mainstream “hit”  (this one made the top three in the Billboard Hot 100).  More Gil Scott-Heron than Marvin Gaye, Thomas’s groove here is no-frills and funky in a late-night, low lit, on your fifth scotch kinda way.

For those paying attention: We slid a fragment of “Why Can’t We Live Together” at the tail end of this year’s Halloween mix, Son of Mondo Boys.

MP3: Timmy Thomas :: Why Can’t We Live Together

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3 Responses to “Timmy Thomas :: Why Can’t We Live Together”

  1. hot!

  2. think james murphy sampled this one…

  3. steve winwood did an awesome cover of this song.

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