Futurebirds :: Aquarium Drunkard Session

Tomorrow, during the second hour of the SIRIUS show, I am airing the AD session Futurebirds laid down in September at Red Rockets Glare Studios while touring out west. For those sans satelllite radio, check out the band, below, stretching out on five tracks culled from their Autumn Tone full-length, Hampton's Lullaby. The band is set to again hit the road, this time with ever-mysterious Jonny Corndawg throughout the month of November.

MP3: Futurebirds :: Johnny Utah (AD Session)
MP3: Futurebirds :: Battle For Rome (AD Session)
MP3: Futurebirds :: Sam Jones (AD Session)
MP3: Futurebirds :: There Is No Place To This To Go (AD Session)
MP3: Futurebirds :: Man With No Knees (AD Session)

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